Drinking tips that will make you a pro

People like to gather wherever alcohol is being served, and people like to serve it whenever they get together. Drinking and socializing often go hand in hand. If you’re going to a formal event, getting together with your colleagues after hours, or just hanging out at the bar trying to meet new people, you may find yourself in a situation where folks are drinking. Whether you didn’t drink before or all your drinking experience comes from college parties, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while drinking so you don’t end up looking like an idiot.

Drinking is always a personal choice. For some, a glass at the end of the day is enough and for some it’s an all-nighter with their group of friends. While alcohol isn’t bad, you still need to drink responsibly.

So here are some tips to follow which’ll make you enjoy the experience to the fullest and not end up getting irresponsibly too drunk.

  • Choose quality over quantity

Do not gulp down on drinks like you’re drinking some soda. Drink for pleasure and enjoy your beverage, don’t drink to get drunk. Choose your drinks wisely and enjoy the experience of it.

This way you will get a nice high and will be able to enjoy the moment to the fullest without needing to drink too much.

  • Alcohol free days

In order to have the best drinking experience ensure you have at least two to three alcohol free days a week! If you’ll drink daily, your body will develop a tolerance to alcohol and you’ll end up drinking way more than usual after every time.

  • Snack while you drink

If you can, prepare some healthy snacks before you start to drink. If you’re out, make sure you order a nice healthy platter or something to munch on. But do not get tempted to eat those super oily or salty foods as they will dehydrate your body.

  • Don’t forget to hydrate

Considering that alcohol acts as a diuretic, don’t forget your H2O!

Be sure to drink plenty of water before the party and after every other alcoholic beverage drink a glass full of water.

  • Know your limits

Most importantly, know your limits. It’s better to decide the number of drinks you’re having for the night and stick to it. After getting drunk most of us don’t release the amount of alcohol going in our body that’s why it’s very important to count your drinks and most importantly do not drink and drive.

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