Break The Stereotypes

How has India adopted the western streetwear fashion culture and made it their own?
2022 has been the Year of India’s exposure to streetwear fashion. The nation has seen young entrepreneurs rising and coming up with creative mindsets trying to create their own communities through fashion, We have seen retail clothing shops opening up just dedicated to street wear. We believe street culture is essentially being your truest self and representing your roots; and that is something we as Indians have been doing ever since, culturally.
GenZ approved capsule closet for Winter 2022
We find ourselves in a transition that was inevitable: Gen Z fashion is clearly influencing trends for 2022, whether fashionable millennials are still adjusting to it or are eager to hand the reins on. It would be impossible to ignore them because they are causing a stir in the fashion industry. This is particularly clear on Tik-Tok, where Gen Z users are taking a stand when it comes to fashion. They shop for more than just the latest trends. Their choices also convey their concern to longevity and sustainability.
Bold Looks for PRIDE
June is officially the most colorful month of the year. It’s that time of the year wherein we stand tall as we celebrate LOVE in all its forms as it’s an important event in the history of LGBTQ+. So, as...
Which Denim is made for your Zodiac Sign?
It must be difficult to pick your perfect fit especially when they are varieties of styles of denims available in the form of baggy fit, slim fit, boot-cut, etc. Let’s make it easier for you by dividing numerous styles of jeans based on your personality. Below given is a list wherein we’ve provided insights into which wardrobe staple jeans which connects the dots to each zodiac sign
Which Outfits to opt on your next Holiday?
Summer times should spell nothing other than making yourself a priority which quickly translates into trips and holidays. Maybe it’s a trek to the mountains or it can also be cozying up at a small, aesthetic place. All in all you deserve a small break from work while we pick and choose your glam look at your next holiday. So, let’s take a trip down the most trending looks that we’ve listed down below
Party Games In Your Perfect Fit
Life has become very monotonous with all work and no time to socialize. It’s essential to take some breaks in between for both your physical and mental health which in turn will lead to higher productivity at work. So, here we have a list of various games that you can organise at different parties and also choose your perfect fit
Women’s day: Celebrating tribe of successful women
Hey everyone! This is Nirali Parekh, co-founder of Belliskey. Presently, we’re one of the very few feminist brands in the country that stands on equality and empowering other women. I personally believe we should promote community participation which will enhance...
Gen Z: Fashion is in their Jeans!
Somethings never go out of style. With denim returning to our wardrobes, we introduce you to 6 handpicked choices in jeans that are here to stay with elan and match your ‘fresh yet casual’ moment.
There is nothing new about how covid has affected and changed all of our lives and it’s not getting back to normal anytime soon. So, let’s not forget that the effect of this pandemic is not gender-neutral, the Covid-19 pandemic...
Hidden Thriller/Horror gems to watch on Netflix India while cozying around in your favourite boyfriend jeans.
Social distancing in the wake of the Covid pandemic has got us all back at home again. However, every day is the same, you’re lazing around on your couch wearing your favourite boyfriend jeans, scrolling through Netflix and there is nothing new...
Morning detox to stay fit and healthy after a binge drinking night
We all have been there, when that last round of cocktail seems like a great idea, then you wake up realizing mistakes were made. Maybe it was that last cocktail or the countless tequila shots. We’ll never know the culprit...
Drinking tips that will make you a pro
Drinking is always a personal choice. For some, a glass at the end of the day is enough and for some it’s an all-nighter with their group of friends. While alcohol isn’t bad, you still need to drink responsibly.