Gen Z: Fashion is in their Jeans!

From popularising gender-neutral outfits to establishing their functionality in comfort, Gen Z has already set out to win every raging war of fashion against millennials and boomers. While the generations seem to be more similar than different— it is their aspiration to be effortless and without pretence, which sets them apart.

And this distinction is quite visible in their style choices: beginning with the basic, low-key staple in fabrics - denim. This indigo/blue woven cloth carried forward its versatility to enter timelessness. It knotted vintage in the reflection of modern.
So, something that was only ‘cool’ to those born before 1996, suddenly became ‘woke’. This appeal became an inspiration for every bougie individual, to refresh their style choice while staying sustainable and looking like an early adopter of a trend. They experimented with various patterns and different cuts, cent percent cotton or cotton blends, categorical weight, and much more, only to narrow down to six super fits.

With Gen-Z dictating its definition, let’s look at the trends for 2021 in denim jeans that harken 50’s fashion and origins the new dawn of the denim cycle.

Flared Fit
If you're looking for jeans that feel breezy yet a style that is perfect to turn up the heat on the fashion streets, look no further. According to Belliskey, this antithesis of skinny jeans made a comeback from the mid-70s to 80s style of flare denim jeans, varying both in dimensions and tailoring. Revolutionised to suit your body type, these pairs can dazzle a conscious crowd by bringing out your subtle in a narrow flare and a tucked in shirt, your punk with a narrower flare and a cropped t-shirt or your lean with a wide leg and a corset top.
Mom fit
Especially prolific in the 1990s, this old school style has made a comeback. This high street jean style has its worth weighed in gold, not only because they are the hottest must-have items this season, their comfort and style are second to none. Characterised by a relaxed pleated or non-pleated fit, their shape is both flattering and feminine. Their chic vintage aesthetic has a cool-yet-grown-up appeal, making it a bona fide modern classic for your wardrobe.

Bootcut Fit
Updating the denim desire that flatters every curve is the re-introduction of the 50’s jean trends. And evolving in its range, is the type that goes from cropped iterations to full-length cuts, to a bit of flare and a lot of fun. Their polished and balanced approach to the bohemian silhouettes, as they widen a little below the knee and then flare a bit more at the hem, can easily make heads turn. Irrespective of styling up or dressing down, this denim choice from Belliskey is bound to create quite a stir for the fashion star – you.

Boyfriend fit
Marilyn Monroe made heads turn in the borrowed-from-the-boys look, during the 1960s, by donning a pair for The Misfits. Ever since then, this much-love style was seen on every celebrity and is still being hailed as an icon for their relaxed, comfortable fitting. It often sits mid-low on the waist and ideally, should look a little oversized on the wearer. However, if you wish to create a more slimming effect, a structured yet loose style can be opted for under the many variations of this type of jeans Make an effortless off-duty impression, by finding your perfect fit here.

Slouchy Fit
Imparting a very chic look to the whole outfit, it is amongst one of the most worn type of jeans by Gen-Z. It channels the vibes of "underground" fashion that influenced the current work-from-home situations. Voluminous in its percentage of cotton and affordable on its price, slouchy jeans rest on its identity of long zippers and ultra-baggy style, a fit that rides high on makeover of a denim that used to offer clean and distressed finishes to the denim jeans, but today proudly flaunts a laidback ease, both on and off the couch.

Tapered Fit
‘Sculpt’ the shape of our body and evoke the statement your outfit wants to convey in a casual setting or on a night out. Designed with a great deal of artistic license, this type can be labelled as light stretch heels to sneakers denim that runs straight through the hips but gradually narrows towards the ankle, exuding shapeliness. They skim the leg rather than hugging it, giving just enough space to comfortably move around in. Suit your needs and taste your confidence with the stylish tapering of your next pair of jeans.

Rediscover the world of denim through the eyes of Gen-Z set trends that will give you an instant bold edge in fashion. The new shapes on the horizon, pursue the denim trends that bubbled on social media but remained a staple in many closets.

Amid the ongoing global pandemic when many workers began signing on from home, cosy trends took over. Because of this shift, more structured fashions, like jeans, wasn’t a spotlight stealer. But when people did opt to dust on their love for the fabric in 2021, they chose to drift towards form-fitting styles that were loose or had plenty of stretch, were stylish yet comfortable. So, whether it was wide-leg or baggy, slim boot-cut jeans or the distressed, owning a few pairs in different cuts or washes, became the fashion conscience, curated on no-brainer outfits that make you feel good while looking good.

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