Party Games In Your Perfect Fit

Life has become very monotonous with all work and no time to socialize. It’s essential to take some breaks in between for both your physical and mental health which in turn will lead to higher productivity at work. So, here we have a list of various games that you can organise at different parties and also choose your perfect fit:-

1. Movie night in your flattering denims:

When your day turns into a hectic work week, scheduling a feel-good movie night with your friends over the weekend can be an easy escape. In addition to the movie, you can plan a small and quick game with them. In fact, you can easily arrange for this fun game at home with all the easily accessible things like multiple small gifts that can be wrapped in different layers of bubble wrap to make a huge ball. Everybody sitting in the circle will get a chance to roll two dice together and whoever rolls a six on both the dice at once will get a chance to unwrap the ball. However, that person will have to wear props like oven mitts in their hands and hold two forks to scrape the ball till another person rolls a six on both the dice. The game ends when all the wrapped freebies have been unwrapped. While you’re already preparing for so many things, we’ve got you covered in terms of styling and for a cozy fit, you can opt for a slim fit or a flared denim and twin it with a tube top layered on with a boyfriend shirt.

2. Pool party in your statement shorts:

We can see that summer’s rolling in pretty soon and it seems like the best time to organize a pool party. It’ll not only help you to relax but also catch up with your close ones at the party. After a nice session at the pool, you can follow up with a simple game that can be played in a group and will kickstart everyone. For this game, you'll have to arrange for a couple of inflated balloons, tape, and some string. This game will be played in pairs wherein the ankles of two people will be tied together with a string and a balloon taped on their legs. The first pair to burst the balloon of the other pair wins the game. This fun play will attract a lot of chuckles as everyone unfolds their competitive spirit. To beat the heat you can style your favorite pair of shorts with a tank top. If you wish to accessorize your look with a locket, a bracelet, a couple of rings, and studs for ears, it’ll simply amp up your look.

3. Garden party in your bold edge skirt:

When you want to make the most of the Spring season, execute a garden party in your backyard. This party can become more happening by organizing a quick game. This duet game will require you to get a moving table and a row of glasses filled with drinks. Two individuals will play against one another wherein they have to first bottoms up their drink then flip that cup from the edge of the table such that it lands upside down on the table. This party is the right time to get your favorite denim skirt out of the wardrobe and pair it up with a crop top. For a perfect silhouette, you can also wear a hat to the party.

4. After party in your chic crop top and ripped jeans:

Is there any party that is complete without an after-party? To keep this event light yet exciting, you can play a game of balance wherein the challenge will be to pick the paper bag lying on the floor. However, the twist will be that the players will have their hands tied with a string behind their back and will have to pick the bag only with their mouth and if they fail to do so, they’ll have to take a drink. In order to match the vibe, you can consider wearing a crop top layered with an oversized shirt and ripped jeans to keep you comfy.

5. Dinner party in breezy mom fit jeans:

There’s indeed something special about a dinner party that helps you to establish the much-needed heart-to-heart connections with your loved ones. No matter whether you’re cooking for this party or ordering something or even considering a potluck, this party will be bland if there is no game to bring out the much-needed telepathy connection among closed ones. One such unique game is reverse charades which is almost like dumb charades. In fact, this game won’t even require you any extra materials besides a bowl full of chits and every member will just write one such word that they feel can be enacted. The only difference in this game lies in the fact that members will be divided into two groups and instead of only one member enacting, the entire group will be enacting and only one member from that team is supposed to guess the word. The chaos among the members as they act out in unity yet diversity will leave you catching up on laughter. To complete your look at this party, you can easily twin mom-fit jeans with a tank top.

No wonder it stands true that Friends who party together, stay together. So, if this blog helped you in organizing any kind of party or recreated a unique memory with any game or even if it made you #stirwithstyle with any outfit, we’d love to hear about it all. If these kinds of blogs are what you were looking for, don’t forget to let us know by leaving a comment down below and share it within your community.


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